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 The picture on the frontpage showes my great-grandparents and my grandmother with her brother in 1890. The little girl has in her hand a "marotte", a doll on a stick with music box. There is nothing left today of her own toys; only much later my mother told me about her loss of a bisque doll. This made me aware of antique toys and I booked my first lesson in making doll reproductions.

Since twenty years I am now working on such dolls. First it was a hobby beside my profession as a teacher – but then it became a passion, which concerns specially to the early antique specimen. Focal points of my work are therefore the dolls of the great period in France about 1870 untill 1910 and the productions in Thuringia of the same time. I have got many ideas from the doll-maker´s magazin „Gildebrief“ and I am thus very grateful to its author Karin Buttigieg.

Antique dolls are for me works of art; often they were molded by named sculptors, cleaning and painting the heads were handicrafts, and the equipments very elaborate in these old styles. At least you may call them craftwork at its best.

My work´s ambition is hereby not to produce sugarcoated reproductions, but to let come to life the charme of these antiques, as genuine as possible. I therefore search for old precious fabrics, flowers und lace in order to taylor dresses like the old models. Each one of my dolls is hence unique and can not be repeated. The price is formed by its rareness, its size, its equipment, the materials and the efforts, necessary for its creation. As a matter of course are all heads signed by me.

I wish you now much pleasure in watching the pictures. With a click on the portraits opens a new page with more photos and if you liked something, I should be happy about an email or some words in my guest-book.

Renate Hirsch


...by the way, perhaps you will find one or another "marotte" on my website....



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